What Do The Colors Mean?

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Table of Contents

  • What the colors mean
  • How to assign a color

What The Colors Mean

  • When setting up your AP6/AP6PRO, you will come across a setting called Colors (Groups). These colors are a way to group specific APs together. APs will only broadcast those WiFi Networks that match their configured colors. Both APs and WiFi Networks can be part of multiple colors/groups. 

  • This is useful for creating a separate network for things like security systems or camera systems (or any other network that is needed) but only want to broadcast in certain areas of your site. 

  • You would assign a color to a particular SSID then associate that color with one or more APs. Any AP with the same color as a SSID, will broadcast that SSID. Example: If AP#1 is assigned the black and red colors, and SSID#1 is green and red, then the AP will broadcast SSID#1 because they both are assigned the red color. 

How To Assign A Color

  • To assign a color, navigate to manage.alta.inc and sign in. Once signed in, select the site you are going to configure using the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner. Select the settings tab on the top. Under WIfi select the SSID or create a new SSID that you want to assign a color or multiple colors to. Click into the colors menu. From here you can select one or multiple colors. Once you have selected a color/colors, be sure to hit the save button at the bottom of the page. 

  • Now, you will assign the new SSID color to your access points. Click into the Network tab at the top of the page. Open the AP that you want to assign a color. Click into the colors bar and select the appropriate colors. Hit save and now you have assigned your APs a color that broadcasts the SSID with the same color. The APs should update instantly, showing the assigned colors. 

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