Device Discovery

Modified on Mon, 26 Feb 2024 at 01:49 PM

Default/Out of Box Discovery

When a brand new or factory defaulted device is powered on and has Internet access, it will check-in with the  cloud servers; just a simple "hey, I'm here".  When that check-in occurs, it comes in from a public IP address.

When you visit the cloud controller, whether it be from the app (on WiFi) or from the web interface, you're also also connecting from the same public IP.  Therefore, you are shown that new/defaulted device and are able to set it up which will then bind it to your account.

This is known as stage 1 of our discovery process.

Set Up

After clicking the Set Up button, there is the creation and exchange of certain cryptographic keys. These keys prove the device is who it says it is and the controller is who it says it is. These keys are also used to encrypt certain data on the devices ensuring that if you were to factory default the device and e-waste it, no one could plug it in and retrieve any sensitive information.

The device is now cryptographically bound to your account and is no longer dependent upon the public IP address, but rather your account only (or any accounts you have also invited to that site).

This is known as stage 2 of our discovery process.

Factory Defaulting

There are 2 ways to factory default our devices.

  1. Click the trash can icon while the device is online and communicating with our cloud.  This will wipe the cryptographic keys, default the device, and allow yourself or someone else to Set Up the device, repeating stage 1 and 2 of the discovery process. ### This is the preferred method ###
  2. Press and hold the factory reset button on the device for 10 seconds. ### Doing this by itself will not release the MAC from your site, you will still need to click the trash can icon for the device to release it from your site. This is necessary if you will no longer be the administrator for the device (warranty swap, return, etc.) ###

Note that if the device was not communicating with the controller at the time it was deleted from the site, the device will still need to be manually factory defaulted by pressing and holding the reset button for 10 seconds while powered on.

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