Content Filtering

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Alta Labs has built a powerful DPI engine into each of our access points. Whether you are an Enterprise Network Administrator or a concerned parent, our access points allow you restrict access to those unauthorized or sensitive sites, applications or application types. This DPI engine is native on the AP itself, so there is no need for switches, routers or firewalls, to be able to utilize this feature.


  • Set a filter policy
  • Bypass filter policy

Set A Filter Policy

First, log into, then select the site you would like to create a filter policy for. You can find your sites using the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Now, select the settings tab. From the settings tab, you will select "Filter". Two different menus will appear. First will be the "Block Applications" drop down. You can select as many different applications by name or application groups as you want. You can start typing the name of application or application group and it will appear. 

The second menu lets you enter specific website names. For example, if you wanted to block TikTok or Youtube, you can enter or  

Once you have entered all of the domains you wish to block, be sure to hit save. 

Bypass Filter Policy

If you have users who don't need to be governed by the filter policy, you have the ability to bypass the filter using our Multi-Password technology. To enable this, head over to "Settings", navigate to the SSID you are applying the filter to. Then select the password policy you want to have ignore the filter policy. Click on the purple button that is named after the password policy you have selected. Scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu and select "Bypass Filter". Now, make sure the password policy that will use the filter policy, does not have "Bypass Filter" checked. Hit the save button and you're good to go! 

If you need additional assistance, please check out our video covering "Content Filtering" 

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